Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The hill climb up out of Sleight; onto the North Yorkshire Moors is anything other than its name suggests.

So why on Gods own earth; would any of us choose to cycle up it; in the bucketting rain on a drear Thursday in October?

OK, so maybe not many would; choose that particular bit of fun; but enough of us,  do voluntarily undertake, what seem like counter evolutionary activities; often enough; for the answer not just to be "deviation from the norms of human sanity".

It can't be just the chance of a good view, (if you're lucky) or the exercise, or the everso slightly smug feeling of independent achievement....

There are most likely, as many answers as there are folk to ask the question of...

But whilst we revel in our 'because it's there platitudes'.
We can also remember our supreme 'first world' luxury of having the surplus time, energy, and wherewithal to indulge in our particular 'poison'

.....She opines sanctimoniously from the ultimate luxury of a four poster bed...

Would I swap this for a soggy (badly erected) tent?

What do you think?

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