Wednesday, 14 October 2015

End of the season

It's never really the end of the season, one flows over into another.
It's a race against shortening day length now though. Taking out the tomatoes that have gone on far longer this year. It may be the new tunnel they've grown in, it may be the weather, one can only speculate. Speculation with a bit of knowledge and experience sprinkled on the top...

And replacing them here with some tender kale for the winter

The transplants need a bit of warmth to get their roots down well, and enough light for the leaves to gain some energy. The drip irrigation tape  was in place all summer, under the light excluding polythene used for the tomatoes, it can stay and water these winter crops now.

 Here Girl Monday...Who came to help on Tuesday (confusing!) is busy planting whilst I take no little pleasure in pulling out the old plants..

The tyranny of the tomato picking is nearly over...

Added pleasure of chugging up the hill with a loader full of tomato haulm. It can mulch the trees up there....And I get to enjoy the broad view... Not quite as spectacular as the Pyrenees, but has it's own bucolic charm.

Then a selection of the tomatoes for lunch, on a seedy roll, with salad of course...
Always salad.

And a proper bit of cheese

Harvesting today...carrots, chard, fuzzy kale, cucumbers (still!) Florence fennel, peppers, aubergines, golden beetroot, and flat parsley, and a couple of other things that haven't come to mind.....That's what lists are for...

Enough to feed the lucky eighty something folks who will be eagerly awaiting their veg bags on Thursday..

Oh no! I've spoiled the "It's like Christmas every week" surprise..

Cutting salad leaves first thing tomorrow.....But then that's no surprise ..there's always salad.

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