Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Grass is Always Greener...

In this case the ladies did have a point. After over two weeks of scratching about on the same patch; I've just extended their run to give them access to some fresh greenery.
This should discourage them from hopping over the fence in a bid for freedom; and broader range.
For as the tales do tell us; freedom comes at a price. There's a far greater chance 'out their' of these girls being hunted down and consumed by the Big Bad Fox.
Or more prosaically; and with less fatal consequences; being gathered up; and chucked unceremoniously back in to their enclosure.
Although most can be lured back with the rattle of the corn bucket; a few will remain stubbornly; ultra free range; exploring pastures new...Until nightfall that is; when the safety of the coop seems altogether more reassuring.

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