Saturday, 17 October 2015

Abundance; in comfort.

Yes of course we store all the Squash in old armchairs, anything else would seem ungrateful.

After their months of gathering solar rays, rainwater, and taking just what they need from the "No chemicals, just lots of love and compost'" fertile soil.

Finally put them all to bed, on their bunks, in the warmest part of the barn...They won't stand any frost at all on them. Being sweet and tender; well rounded; full of sunshine fruits; they need wrapping up well.

Squash would, rather live indoors really; but given there's something like 2'4 tonnes of them that could just be too much of a squeeze.

Varieties here: Crown Prince, Black Futsu, Butternut, Uchiki Kuri, Buttercup, Harlequin, Musee de Provence, Barbara (voluptuous pear shape which I really hope was named after the seed breeders' squeeze) and Sweet Dumpling....Where to start with dishing them up now?

Artfully arrayed fronds of Florence  Fennel hide the weather-beaten upholstery.....

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