Thursday, 22 October 2015

Preparing to Sally Forth...

Swanning off; once again. What kind of a farmer is she?
Like many of us I suspect; whatever our profession....

One that is often torn; between being a settler; and being a nomad.
Community, security, the comfort of the known.

 Broader horizons; new views; and the tingle; or on occasion the terror; of the wide unknown.
Not really going that far; not even leaving the country.

Although my fellow 'county people' would suggest that I'm visiting "God's Own".

But as with most travelling, or indeed as is the case with  most endeavours; it's how you go; not how far you go...That; makes all the difference.

Perhaps however I should transport my share of the delightful 'Thursday Custard' subcutaneously...Even I don't pack this badly...
And just a little bit more farm prep before leaving it in two pairs of very capable hands.

Will I have time to hitch up and go round with the mower?
It makes things look under control; at least...

Or maybe I should peruse some maps properly?
But then; there's always the train for that...


  1. Treat my old maps as your own - I don't need them back in one piece ;-)

  2. Why thank you; my kind friend; just as well re the maps; as they are already 'in bits' ...Groan ;-(
    Now to get oneself back in 'one piece'.....There's the challenge...... ;-)


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