Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Candle Lit Dinner for One...

Upper reaches of Langstrothdale;
Malham was impressive; but full of people on a Monday morning!?

Lured over the tops instead; and encouraged by that rare friend of the cyclist a following wind...

It's like they knew I was coming to camp here; comfy, verdant sward, btxt the bracken and rocks. and only low key sheep for company.

And a shelter that pretty much puts itself up at the flick of the wrist..."Oh little grey Scarp; how do I love thee?"

A very early night; with an improving book; sadly not noticeably more virtuous by the morning; but well rested.

So then over the hill and down into next Dale, at Hawes. for an sociable second breakfast with Mick; he lost his wife three year ago; struggled as you would; has since found a 'bit of buddhism' now contemplating going to see if he can help out some of those refugees..
Good luck; good man.

David said 'you can't say you've been cycling in the Yorkshire Dales if you don't tackle 'Butter tubs'.....

No not more food; for those not in the know; but a 'buggeringly steep hill'

Well David; I did it; but all I can say about pushing up some of it; is that our friend Mr Wiggins had the good sense to employ one of those luggage carrying services....

White out on the top; but I do have photographic evidence via that red cattle gate if anyone needs to see it. It's on Instagram already.

Anyway I didn't do it for you David... If it was for anything other than my own pride; I did it for Helen; who has a far harder; but much less ostentatious journey of her own to undertake.

Thanks muchly again for the welcome; the bed; and board you kind people ..Oh yes and for the bath...in which I lingered perhaps overlong...Well any sensible woman of my vintage would be in a Harrogate Spa Hotel...Not trying to emulate 'boys' half her age.

After a compulsory visit to tea room in Muker for humungous slab of lemon cake; and enough tea to drown a cow; it was an easy enough; if a bit rainy; skim down to civilised Richmond for the eve pitch.

Must be off to town soon; to see if they need a sweaty cyclist to lower the tone...

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