Sunday, 25 October 2015

First Pitch, Morland Cumbria.

Well it was late; getting dark; Marlene had already made the bed up...

It's not like I need the tent erection practice. Although plenty of flat pitching space.

Toastily welcomed; as predicted by my contact "Like a long lost daughter..."

Generously fed and 'watered'. Much yarn was spun; and you can rest easy folks; it's all going to be OK; the world has been thoroughly put to rights...

All those empty bottles that were clanking about accusingly this morning?
May be some correlation between their numbers and velo velocity today?

Oh and George; I do expect to see that porch finished; by the time of my next visit.
I will be back....


  1. Hmmm, I do hope they didn't ply you with tooo much bonhomie.
    We would have come over in the camper if circumstances hadn't overtaken me, next time.

  2. Well you can imagine; how they had to kneel on my chest: and pour it down my throat.....
    Good folks; thanks for the intro'.
    Reckon the porch is going to look good :-)


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