Monday, 5 October 2015

Many Quinces, Quincii?

It's tempting, if you have the space, to plant something a bit different just because you can...

I love the look of quince trees. and the fruit are voluptuously feminine, gloriously fragrant, and generous in their cropping...
This year the crop is huge, so now the question is what to do with 'em all?
Autumn gales are here at last and it would be a shame to see them wasted on the floor.

Given their smell and almost impenetrable hard flesh, they make really a good car air freshener.
This firmness however, makes them a challenge in the kitchen, where traditionally they are made into jam; a thick paste for serving with cheese; or as a friend tells me, are rather good poached in cassis...Starts to get interesting now.
Might offer them to one of our chef customers who enjoys doing interesting stuff with our proper local produce.

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