Saturday, 10 October 2015

Left out to cure

A week ago, a posse was raised, I even roped in my mum, here for her annual 'boot camp' experience 😊

The time had come to commence the winter squash harvest.

They're collectively known as winter squash because if you get it right you can store them for use all through the colder months. they do all their growing of course throughout the Summer.

To store well, the squash skins need to be cured. So we cut the fruit leaving it a decent length of stem, clear the haulm (the unwanted part of the plant) and then leave them spread out to dry for a week on the ground cover fabric through which they were grown.

This job took four of us, most of the day, and required at least three large flasks of tea.

Here Nathan takes a 'rest cure' after a fruitful days labouring.
Big thanks to him, Edward and my mum....😊

Yesterday saw a squash gathering gathering,  culminating in the time honoured trailer trash ritual of a few beers round a pallet fire to celebrate bringing 'em all in, and the fact of my being another year older......Some rather fine food, drink, and other offerings were brought along too. Much gratitude to all concerned.

Will report back with harvest stats.....and pics, once I  have them....

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