Sunday, 25 October 2015

It's All Too Beautiful...

That was today's cycling song.
Quite stunning autumnal loveliness; even in cloudy weather.

..There are many reasons why I generally cycle trip alone. My enthusiastic yet abysmal singing being just one.

In addition to libations consumed last night; progress was slowed by so; so very many fine stone barns just begging to be pictured "See how we nestle"

I'm not ashamed to admit it brought tears to my eyes; or was that something else?

Couldn't have been a stray smut from the Carlisle Settle Railway, as it's closed for works; all the same got a cheery wave from the guy riding the, all lights blazing, maintenance train as he drove towards me. Thrills aplenty.

Managed 50 something miles today (sorry stat's lovers; bit vague) despite all the stoppages; not too bad for a first day; the hills are quite persistent in these parts.
Gonna have to camp tomorrow; to justify lugging all that tentage etc.

But for now?
In the bath yum...Awaiting delivery of an Indian..Double yum..

Food silly; and no; not eating in the tub; I've only just met these generously accomodating people of the Dale.

Tomorrow? Geology field trip...Then find somewhere stealthy to pitch...Probably

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