Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Found them a home...

24kg Quince in total,
Robin 'the Pig' was more than happy to take them.
Appearing on the menu at our local (as in really does only use local produce) Restaurant cum Charcuterie 'The Rusty Pig' in Ottery St Mary...Very soon.
Go eat there, if ever you get the chance
....If you're at all disappointed (highly unlikely) I'll give you a go on my tractor 
....Not a euphemism, just a very rare privilege for anyone....
The more cosmetically challenged amongst these fruits will be made into membrillo, a thick paste traditionally served with cheese.
But how to choose the cheese? I favour something hard and goaty.
Our local Cheese Wranglers 'Quickes' do a particularly irresistible one.
Was treated to a fabulous Sunday Lunch chez Pea Plant this weekend.
After having being obliged to consume prodigious quantities of luscious lamb, we were then forced to endure a pudding of her quinces poached in cassis.
Pretty damn fine.
Such are the hardships of country living...
I'd better go and do something towards working it all off now...

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