Friday, 28 August 2015

Tools for Self Reliance - Barefoot Blacksmithing

Rediscovered this excellent outfit at A Rather Fine Music Festival in Wales (Green Man) last weekend.

"Tools for Self Reliance"
based in Crickowell near Breacon in South Wales.

They source, refurbish, and give a second life to old tools. Some go abroad to folk in less developed countries who can make use of them. They also sell some tools at events to raise further funds for their overseas activities.
And they are aimed squarely  at people like me who find it very hard to resist well tempered steel. Older tools made pre the destruction of British Steel Industry.

Liking the cavalier attitude to health and safety. Gives a 'real world feel' regarding safety boot availability in some financially poorer countries.

I did resist though...apparently a girl can only have so many hoes...Never mind Wales isn't so far away..sneaks off....

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