Monday, 31 August 2015

Broad View from the ;Office; window..

A good bit of sunshine for mowing at the end of a wet Bank Holiday Monday.
Given that I don't work in a bank, I don't tend to take much notice of such festivities... Gosh those guys and gals must work hard to need so many extra days off.
But to be honest they're welcome to 'em. It doesn't feel like such an arduous task to be driving my old faithful around these verdant acres, getting the herbage down, even if my old Ford isn't quite as glamorous as a recent visitor....

If the grass doesn't get cut now then it's going to be shoulder high by mid September. Worryingly good cover for all those foxes, badgers, bunnies, and other assorted fluffy bottomed characters we love so much.

Plus long grass is an excellent breeding ground for our friends the slugs and snails, some folk go out mowing at night just to get an extra chance to 'search and destroy' the molluscs whilst they are at their most active after dark.

I sometimes go out to the greenhouse, at night with a pair of scissors and a headtorch for despatching duties, but I'll spare you the details in case any 'sensitive' types ever do read this.
Question.....How do the 'Vogons' I.e. the "I'll have no truck with animal products at all in my diet" Feel about us veg growers protecting our crops from the wee beasties? Are there 'slug sanctuaries' out there? If so please will you come and do some  rescuing?

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