Sunday, 2 August 2015

Deep thoughts from a tall hen

Elspeth pondering the demise of her companion.
And wondering "might I be next??" #henhousedramas

Once a fox has got started, it won't give up. 
They don't go out to teach Sunday afternoon yoga classes, cook eggs and spinach on toast for their tea, or spend any time on facebook... They are totally focused on one (42 and diminishing) thing.


  1. I have just got a "Really Simple Syndication" so hope to keep abreast of Elspeth's plight

    1. Welcome aboard you lovely luddite, first offficial follower of Broad View Huzzah!

  2. Gosh thanks..
    Excellent market targetting... :)

    I'll pass all this on to Elspeth..
    If i can work out which hen she is..that's the only bother with hybrid chickens..
    They all look the same....


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