Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Took the afternoon off..

Walked over the hill with solid 'shopping for holidays' intent, but sadly, successful purchasing expeditions are not generally to be found in my 'toolbox of talents'...

Had a delicious crab sandwich and particularly toothsome slab of gingercake in a cafe; and then got a thorough patronising from the guy in the outdoors shop; thanks mate!

Came home full bellied but empty handed, it's not the shops''s me.

Never mind; the Internet won't try to tell me what I do and don't want.
Bit of a downpour (prolonged shower?) there and back, hence the track speedily turning to a streamlet.

Meanwhile Imogen's creation is waiting faithfully, back at the homestead...An unscheduled, but most welcome, 'Wednesday Custard' with blueberries. A little firmer than some of the previous ones, but none the less gorgeous for it. Is it custard that is supposed to wobble like the inner thigh of ....nope can't quite remember?

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