Saturday, 29 August 2015

Late Summer Tomato Crop

Showing golden and red cherries. Both have done well in this newest polytunnel, fresh ground and all that. Sadly won't be all that long before they succumb to blight. The very same airborne fungus spore that affects their close cousins the potatoes.

You can keep blight at bay for a while with a sensible watering and ventilation regime, but it always comes in the end.
Then 'romps through the crop' is not too speedy a description of how fast it spreads from plant to plant.

To be honest, what with the amount of picking and general fiddling about with that growing tomatoes entails, it's a bit of a relief to pull 'em all out at the end of the season and plant something else.
Probably spinach and salad here.

The orange / red part of the 'rainbow' spectrum that we should be eating will be replaced by carrots, squash, and beetroot over the winter.

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