Saturday, 29 August 2015

Jagellero Nero Kale; Dehydrating...

This is a new type of kale, very popular in the veg bags at the moment. It doesn't take much cooking and being so dark green will be full of goodness.

Here, it's about to be dehydrated to take on an upcoming backpacking trip.

One of the hardest things I find about leaving the farm (apart from getting the farm ready to be left) is not having 'proper' greens whilst away. It will be interesting to see how these stand up to being ported through the mountains, and how well they reconstitute to accompany  the 'spaceman food' that one is sometimes required to eat on these expeditions.. Going to try flat parsley and wild rocket too.
Also planning to take alfalfa seeds to sprout along the way, they only need a daily rinse of water, and are ready to eat by the third day. Two little ziplock bags in rotation should do it....Can't stop growing, even on holiday...

And of course there's a good chance of finding some Mediterranean type herbs along the path.

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