Sunday, 2 August 2015

A pretty enough picture, but....

This is what lettuce gets like as it gets older and tries to go seed. As growers we need to remember that vegetables aren't interested in the slightest in feeding us.

They are, like most living things primarily concerned with reproducing themselves... A plant under stress, in this case lack of water , will panic and 'think' " must make babies (seeds) quickly before I die".

So we need to lull them into a sense of  'its all ok I can keep on making myself luscious juicy and big with leaves, then when I'm enormous I'll have even bigger babies'

The recent dry weather has meant that no amount of irrigation was going to stop these ones 'going up,.

They had cropped well for a number of weeks previously, and all lettuces go to seed eventually, they just can't help themselves...Time gets to us all ....Bother!

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