Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Sowing project

Ideal for a rainy day in August, when the idea of spending a day outside weeding really doesn't attract.
Lots of veg plants start their lives like this, sown into modules, raised in the greenhouse, then planted out once they're tough enough to stand the rigours of the outdoors...Gives the grower a bit more time to prepare the ground and get it weed free.
Although in an organic growing system 'weed free' is always a short term aspiration rather than a long term reality. 

Gotta keep the hoe moving through the soil, all the time, to have any chance of keeping the weeds at bay, but you can only hoe properly when it's dry....and this is a typical British Summer.

Here is Corn Salad expertly sown using the 'flicking them off a creased piece of shiny paper with a sharp knife' technique.

A very fast and accurate method in experienced hands.
The seedlings will be planted out in the polytunnel late September after the first tomatoes have come out. And sow it goes on, and on, one hopes (and fears) without end.

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