Thursday, 26 November 2015

What no Thursday Custard???

Even a paragon of productivity is allowed an occasional early night...

Maybe she's still recovering from the weekend?.....Those pictures are definitely pay per view...

Still; the fragile feeling custard creator was on hand to help with the all important salad harvest this morning....

A genuine customer accolade...
  "Now that we have a regular Fresh and Green salad bag; our lives are complete"

Hmmn; over-egging it a tad?

Well; who am I to judge?

But it does put a bit of pressure on those of us tasked with producing them.....All year round.

Showing just a few of the varieties that go into the salad bags: - Wild and tame rocket, mizuna. red mustard, joi choi. purple pak choi, moroccan littlecress, cavello nero, red oakleaf lettuce, and in the foreground, chrysanthemum greens.

 I put off growing these for years as personally I can't abide the smell of their flowery counterpart, and naturally assumed they might taste similar. But in addition to producing abundant greenery through the shorter days. they are really very good. Something I only discovered during an impromptu farm tour with a fellow grower. 

Here; hearteningly weed free beds indicate that it has rained here quite a lot recently.
Weeding in the polytunnel being the default job for soggy days. 
Tomorrow might have to be outside work; whatever the weather; the leeks need some attention....It's on the list; so no shirking it. 

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