Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sunnier Times...

Snapped here (no; not in half) By girl Monday #1......I have two of them on occasion; how blessed?
These brassica were just babies when we employed some 'practical yoga -   uttanasana to keep out their weedy competitors.
The hinge is at the hips; thus avoiding bending the back...It does take a bit of consistent; persistent; lifting fronts and backs of legs; to safely get your hamstrings lengthened this much...

But being able to reach the earth; without it hurting your back; is useful for all kinds of tasks...Especially given that most work here does tend to be at ground level.

Sadly; the season for wearing pink socks is over....But these babies have grown up into harvestable cabbages...Crunchy Savoy; with leaves like bright green tripe.

So I'd better go and cut some now for those folks eagerly awaiting this week's delivery..

Waterproof trousers on; yuk; but proper coffee on too...Right-hand Wednesday Girls on their way.
Blessed again.

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