Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Magnificent Specimen

And a pretty marvellous Fennel too..
Just look at the size of it.
Seductively modelled here by my able assistant.

Caught the 'sowing window' just right this year (mid July).
Sow too early and they will bolt and go to seed.(veg just wants to make babies; not feed us)
Too late; and you won't get the gorgeously crunchy; bulbous bulk that can be used to great effect in the kitchen; by those who know how...

Not content with labouring all day 'pon the field. August (and every other month) assistant now shimmies off; to carefully craft a Luscious Thursday Custard.

Amply Blessed.

Oh; and perhaps don't let on to the animal welfare lot; just how much entertainment there is to be had; from watching four hairy pigs chase each other round after a misshapen fennel bulb   ;-)

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