Thursday, 19 November 2015

It Can't beThursday Again...?

But we have to believe the evidence before our eyes...

Luxuriating 'pon a bed of frilly brassica nonsense; the luscious dish of  nutmeggy wondrousness nourishes and delights in equal measure..

Fewer daylight hours makes it feel as if someone has stolen a couple of days out of the week.
 I guess in days gone by we would have naturally slept more at this time of year; not sat up late writing fatuous nonsense about custard.

But I've personally no nostalgia for the so called 'good old days'. 
Hopelessly over romanticised; and pretty certain it was often colder; harder work; and could be dull and narrow viewed . Modern life may have it's downsides but on the whole I wouldn't swap.

Looking forward to a 'girls on the road' trip with the creator of this confection at the weekend.
Pictured here peeping from 'mongst the Flower Sprouts.

I'm voluntarily 'sending myself to Coventry'.

For The Land Workers Alliance AGM, 

Should be a good bit more fun than might first present.... Proper Shindig; excellent food; bit of a knees up; and the chance (hope?) to be reinvigorated by some like minded folk...

Looking for some portion of camaraderie; inspiration; and encouragement; to help with the oft muddy slog of 'getting through' murky winter days, whilst making a go of earning a smallish living from the land... 

Just need to remember to keep my counsel with the outer fringes of yoghurt weavers; and knicker knitters; who may be present ... They'll grow out of it...Perhaps?

And anyway we have a pitchfork on our logo...So who could resist...??

Still; to my mind at least; all of this farming m'larkey beats going to and from an office in the twilight; and only seeing the sky for a few precious hours at the weekend; if you're lucky..

We may well get a good few crispy, shiny days before long; even snow?
 Will then be able to keep toasty shoveling it all off the veg, pre' harvest... Larks aplenty. 

Hmm; lets see;  just how much genuine chirpiness that extra labour produces; when the time comes...

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