Tuesday, 10 November 2015

At it again...

Maybe 5% of the time spent doing veg work here is spent on the faithful old Ford.
But just how much you can do; with fairly basic mechanisation; in that relatively small amount of time is easy to discern in this before and after illustration.
And I would defy; even the most determined eschewer of infernal combustion; not to get a little bit of a thrill out of having that much power at their command..
Skilled hand work; with well designed tools; is appropriate for most tasks here.
But to do it all manually would require something like a threefold increase in the price of veg..
Or perhaps one of those regularly overflying troop carrying helicopters from the local marine camp, could drop off some personnel for a bit of 'in the field' exercise?
Mmm; unlikely..

So we're going to be burning diesel for some time yet to produce affordable food.
Of course the environmental effect of a bit of fuel use; is negligible in the grand scheme of things..
It's ironic that having children; which it could easily be argued is the 'biggest ticket item' in terms of individual contribution to environmental load; is an event that often initiates people  'thinking green'.
But no amount of organic shampoo; or wooden toys; is going to offset adding more, first world, entitled, happy shopping bods' to our ranks?

What's the answer?
Controlling our numbers? Perhaps.
But how to do that equitably; and effectively: and with humanity?
If there was an easy answer; then surely we'd have found it by now...
Beware anyone offering 'simple' solutions to complex problems...
The greatest likelihood is that they're just a bit 'simple' themselves..

Here making much fun in the country; mowing down the old sweetcorn that I spent all summer defending against the badgers; a point to me you fuzzy bottomed beasties....

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