Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The few remaining stalwarts.

After a Summer of not very welcome attention from the Foxy Family. Ducky numbers are severely depleted.
So sadly not so many poached duck eggs on toast now...a gourmand delight to those in the know. Especially when nestled atop a mattress of spinach, or other steamed greenery, and topped off with so much ground pepper that you can barely see the egg beneath.

Darn it...hungry now but I believe a good mornings horticulture, and a full evenings Yoga teaching, entitles me to at least two of the rich golden beauties.

Straight after I've practised what I have to preach later...Headstands following eggs can have unfortunate results...

Meanwhile these enthusiastically helpful ladies will be tucking into all the molluscs they can rummage from 'mongst the bean stems.
Hmmn? Not quite so hungry now...

Will be looking to get a fresh cohort of young ducks in the spring. They do earn their keep just through slug and snail patrol, but the eggs make for a happily toothsome bit on the side.

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