Saturday, 26 September 2015

Autumn Approaches

Or, if as many quite reasonably do, you take the Equinox as a marker of season change, it is already upon us.

Surveying the readiness of the Winter Storage Squash crop this morning. I came across this sign left over from our 'Open Day' in July, seems like a long time ago now...You could see space between individual plants then.

Over the summer their growth could be described as 'rampant'. I've lost track a bit but I think at least 9 different varieties were sown then planted out, about 600 plants in total.

Grown through holes burnt with a hot tin can; into a sheet of weed suppressing  ground cover fabric; this crop pretty much looks after itself once the transplants are established.
Now to organise a work 'party' to bring them all in...There will be tea, and cake, and then perhaps a bonfire and some other forms of liquid refreshment...Coming to help?

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