Sunday, 27 September 2015

"Tired old Trope"

This one certainly needs putting to bed.....

"Organic farming is all about working in harmony with nature, right?"

Ermm. up to a point..Yes we try to take care of 'micro life' by feeding and not disturbing - overly much - the myriad organisms that should inhabit a healthy soil.
But nature doesn't do cultivations... Unless you count storm uprooted trees, and the rummaging about of wild boars, and other diggers.

However there are certainly times when nature helps herself to the fruits of our labours  

Here, I think, a field mouse, (maybe several?) has feasted upon the second cropping corn.

It would have to be a really teensy electric fence to keep them out.
I honestly don't mind sharing some sustenance, after all we get the soil, sun and showers for free.

 It's when our furry fiends have to take a bite from each and every beetroot for example; thus rendering them unsaleable; that I feel just a tad uncharitable towards the local wildlife.

And subsequently am compelled to go a rodent hunting with 'Trailer Trash Kitty'.

We make quite a fearsome team :-o

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