Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Maincrop Carrots Looking Good

It's a shame that this 'low tech' blog hosting site only gives the visuals...The scent of freshly dug carrots is verging upon an olfactory assault.
50 kg lifted the morn'

The only downside of growing F1 hybrid varieties (in no way related to GM btw) is that the consistency and uniformity of the roots ensuing, leave precious little scope for the use of googlie eyes in the comedy gallery :-(

No matter, I'm sure we will unearth a few gnarly ones for our amusement before the winter is out. You really do have to make your own fun in the country :-)

Our carrots are renowned for their flavour tendeness and part due to the ideal root growing conditions on a warm South facing sandy slope. The rest of it is down to Witchcraft...or maybe just lots of love and compost...

One comment some years back that left me unusually 'stumped for a response'..

From a potential new customer trialling a veg bag...
"We really liked the vegetables, but the kids found the carrots, a bit too...carroty"

Well? What to do??
I guess they went back to some nice bland 'super'market ones.

I took it as an endorsement.

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