Tuesday, 1 September 2015

One of my Top Ten Favourite Tools.

As is so often the case, with well thought out, intermediate scale tools, this little gem is manufactured across The Pond.

All hail the Earthway Seeder. Five jobs done neatly and well (that's if I drive it straight) in no time at all.
It pulls out a furrow, the specifically sized 'seed plates' pick up from the hopper, then drop down the chute, just the required amount of seed. The drag chain refills the furrow; the wheel behind refirms the ground; the sticky out sideways adjustable marker, draws the line for the next pass.

I very much suspect that this was designed by someone who had spent many hours doing it the hard way...

Here sowing Black Spanish Radish, something a bit different for Winter Salads.
Then this evening.... "Flame Weeding!"..... Contain yourselves!!

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