Sunday, 17 July 2016

Succulent snack...

Sunday Sowing duties; rendered most palatable when accompanied by warm from the vine; red and yellow cherry tomatoes. Just coming into crop.

Here sowing Chicory Pallo Rossa; a seed in each cell. My 'special' compost firming block; still preserved by the insistent label.

These bitter but crunchy leaves should be ready by November.
Quite delicious in a mixed salad with sweet tender, red or golden beetroot; and only just hard boiled duck eggs.

Need to source a new flock of Indian Runner ducks, and build them a very lightweight duck house on wheels, so they can be penned briefly in various patches around the veg patch.

In this way, they serve as a SWAT team hoovering up slugs and snails; as well as clearing the eggs of same molluscs.

Thereby breaking the life cycle, and reducing population numbers of those horribly hungry slimey pests.

Duck eggs are one of those comestibles that sharply divide opinion.

Personally I love them, but for some inexplicable reason they give others; the shudders.

There's really no accounting for tastes; and secretly I'm glad that I don't have to fight anyone for em...

That could get awfully messy.

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