Friday, 22 July 2016


Apart from obvious restrictions like time; and money; I find the greatest limiter to  soothing the itchy feet; is food.

Not only food as in calorific fuel; that's easily enough ported; but vitalising stuff; that actually nourishes...

It just doesn't feel OK; to me;  have more than few days away from 'proper' greenery such as this.

I guess it's a type of 'feels good' bodily addiction, similar to yoga.

It's not some kind of virtuous, self denying, pure and wholesome 'holier than thou' way of life.

It's more about feeling fully alive. 'Full of it' even.
After years of those helpful inputs; the body would, quite reasonably like them to continue.. 

So that it has the energy to keep doing the doing.
And it's also no secret that mental health is affected, in a very significant way by what we eat..

So somewhat uncharacteristically for me, I'm doing a bit of planning ahead...

Working out a few ways of taking, still live foods, on trips away; to places where they are less readily available...

A little garden on a bike trailer perhaps...?

Hmmn; that might be taking the oxymoronic idea of the 'working holiday' a step too far.

A little more refinement required; methinks..

These salad leaves pictured were cut first thing yesterday morning. They stay fresher longer if picked first thing before the sun has warmed them. Mizuna, mustards, and rocket will regrow for a second and third cut if supplied with enough water.

Being grown in the polytunnel means they are less susceptible to the teensy flea beetle; who will cheekily nibble myriad holes; if it's hot and dry...

Technology installed allows a godlike facility to make it rain indoors... Quite refreshing for humans on a hot day too.

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