Thursday, 28 July 2016

Purple hearts; of glory...

The ones that got away.

Even with the best will in the world; you can't pay attention to everything all the time. 

Whilst dealing with the rather more prosaic vegetable production matters; such as getting leeks and kale in for winter sustenance. 'Fripperies' albeit tasty ones; such as these; can steal a march; and show their true colours.

Globe artichokes are part of the thistle tribe; and here their fuzzy mauve tops; make this botanical fact quite plain.

However; the dinner tables' loss; is our other fuzzy (buzzy) friends' gain.

All thistles make good bee forage. So although I have cut these flowers from the statuesque plants to encourage more edible buds; The blooms are left within the reach of those helpful pollinators; and naturally; where their beauty can be enjoyed by other appreciative eyes..  

a vision of loveliness for sure; but beware the spikes..

But ideally; you catch 'em before they've gone too far....

In truth; the hearty ones very rarely reach an actual table here... More of a 'private' indulgence...Being a niche crop; of questionable monetary profit; and certainly not to everyones' taste..

 Almost more a hobby than food... They take a bit of time to cook, dismantle, and enjoy.

One has to have patience, and 'endure' muckily buttery fingers; (olive oil is just as good) to get to the heart of it...

 Is it worth the effort?       That's always a question of personal taste; but I believe so...

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