Sunday, 21 August 2016

Outstanding in their fields...

Until someone comes to visit.
There is something about the smell of horses, and they way they will rest their heavy heads on your shoulder..
The equines at this farm on Dartmoor hang out together in herds. It's the most natural; stress free way for horses to live. 

It almost seems tortuous to see one hoss alone in a paddock.
They are social animals, who look out for each other.
There may be a touch of hierarchical 'argy bargy' that goes on when establishing a pecking order. But once that's sorted,  then everyone is far more relaxed in their lives.

On visiting the home of these fragrant ladies, I heard some gladdening accounts.

For it was here that we held the first 'yoga and the horse rider' session back in the spring.

Apparently, the attendees were still practicing a lot of the ideas, and techniques they'd picked up on the day.

And they were finding much of it helped them feel more comfortable about themselves generally; both on and off their mounts..

A thought occurred today..
In conflab with another friend; after todays mid holiday all day yoga session closer to home... (Lovely new studio, almost on the doorstep)

Yoga ; done properly with heart; for body and mind

Is a bit like the butter; of the 'body work' world....

It goes with; and enhances deliciously,  just about anything you might choose to partner it with.

So long as you don't over do it, and turn it into a sacred cow.

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