Sunday, 21 August 2016

All the big stuff...

Is made up of little things.

And simple satisfying pleasures; are often to be found in small matters.

I love the ancient occupation of hand broadcasting seed.

Here a mix of ryegrass; red clover; and crimson clover. To keep the goodness sealed in a half acre patch over winter.

Make one pass; casting back and forth with half the alloted seed from North to South.
Then repeat with the second batch in the other orientation.

Having first stormed through with the duckfoot cultivator to lift and crumble the clods.

Then fire up the modern tech again...
Yes; a 46 year old tractor is still very young, by some standards... And at any rate she's a willing workhorse; who is reasonably low maintenance.

So hitch up the Springtines and tickle in the seed before the birds find em.
Would have been ideal to roll it all in with a ring (or Cambridge) roller, to firm and consolidate.

Further excuses for implement shopping..... 

Although you can still find the odd one lurking unloved in hedgerows..

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