Friday, 12 August 2016

Genius is seldom recognised...

In its own lunchtime...

Camping is what you do on your holidays..

When you go on your holidays; you camp.

 Or leastways that's how it's nearly always been for me.

Growing up in the UK in the seventies; that was what you did; especially if you were lucky enough to be taken to remoter spots for a 'lark about'.

And rocky areas were often chosen to visit; because my pa was a passionate geologist; both professionally, and by amateur (in the proper sense, of the word) inclination. So if some study could be undertaken whilst en famille....

As was; the norm in those days. Most of the practical provisioning for these expeditions would have been undertaken by my mother.

And I'm sure some designs such as this wouldn't have looked out of place in our sturdy ; much patched "mustn't touch the sides when its wet" canvas 'A' frame.

Was it a nostalgia trip? I don't know...
But I got a little carried away with the internet shopping the other day...
It was one of those "dare I?" moments.

"What if its awful?"

Some might judge it is a touch outre; but then taste (or lack of) is merely a matter of opinion.

Despite strongly held views to the contrary in some quarters.

Anyhow; tis done now.

A glorious; in my view; purple paisley to make a lightweight camping quilt.
No more being forced to lie 'tidily' to be comfortable..
Yoga all night long if I choose.

The pattern; puts me in mind of some of the wallpaper that the youngsters from last century;  might have perused at length, to work out the repetitions. We certainly knew how to make our own fun; back in those days...

Although I don't think I'm the only person who believes that allowing children; to find their own ways to entertain themselves; or even; whisper it; 
to be allowed to be bored...

Does wonders for their imaginations.

Even the hens were somewhat startled....... 1.6 oz polyester ripstop... Larks aplenty.
Unlikely that anyone; will want to borrow it either.

I have my mother to thank; very much indeed; for generously sharing her sewing skills with me. Being a dress-making teacher by profession; didn't stop her  pursuing needlecraft for her own pleasure; and practicality also.

  Plus; she possessed the patience, to pass on the knowledge. Combining just that right balance of 'here's how; give it a go; it's not the end of the world if you make some mistakes; there's plenty more fabric where that came from'  with the technical know-how.

Like her; I have a stash of irresistible multi-coloured yards; that will be made into something one day; when inspiration; or necessity strikes. 
Sometimes years later; exactly the job comes up... The hoarde doesn't take up so much room really. 
It's keeping the moths out that's the harder part. They seem particularly prevalent and hungry in dampish Devon. Putting infested stuff in the freezer to kill the eggs, works a treat.

Ma'  knew how to step back and let you get on with it. Knowing from her own experience, I guess, just how unhelpful it can be, having someone hovering over your every move, or wincing as you make some fumbling attempts. And never was overly quick to point out the so called 'flaws'. She would probably; more generously; have called them 'character'. 

However this particular piece of 'technical' fabric (very slippery Ma you wouldn't like it) cost enough; to make me think carefully before launching in with the scissors. 

And the bespoke design is going to be very specific to my own particular needs. 
Which is surely the whole point of making something for oneself? 
The cost of ready made items; so rarely reflects the actual work that's gone into them; if costed at a proper hourly rate... Familiar themes?

 There was a time when I made nearly all of my own garments. But I haven't attempted anything beyond the most basic 'run ups' for many a year.
This might, if time allows, be ready for the Autumn cycling and camping touring trip*. 

It particularly being aimed; with it's synthetic insulation; at wetter climes; where carefully tending to feathery down, with it's hatred of damp, isn't so possible.

yet another job to add to the list of projects. But one to look forward to as a challenge, rather than a chore. There might be a few calls made to the 'exclusive advice line' too...... Taking full advantage of a lifetimes worth of experience...

* Those clever 'Merry Cans' I think it was, coined the slightly pithier 'bikepacking' to describe this activity. Although I'm not sure if I am in truth, quite gnarly enough; to fully qualify as one of their number...

Especially as I have been known; to resort; rather wimpishly; to more luxurious accommodation if available at the right price...

Particularly if conditions prevailing are very moist.

And a bit of 'awkward' silliness with mother in mind... She usually being of the opinion that life is far too important to be taken seriously.....           "Oh hello; sunshine!" 
Who could resist an aubergine with a ready made nose?  Not this yellow patty pan squash obviously. 

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