Saturday, 6 August 2016

Celeriac Envy...

I have it...

I love visiting other people's veg growing enterprises..

To see what works for them; and look at other ways of doing things. I don't believe for one moment; that there is just one right; or wrong way; of making the magic happen in this business.

There are so many variables in terms of micro climate; soil types; pressure from pests or other limiting factors.

Then mix in the needs and demands of ones beloved customers; and which produce sells well in a particular area.

And not leastwise; the inclinations of the grower.
Being self employed in a less than lavishly renumerated occupation; has a few drawbacks.

So surely some leeway can be given; to operating in a way that 'feels right' and utilising methods that give personal satisfaction...?

Allowing for a sense of 'flow' even... 

I imagine a systems analyst: I think I know what they do now; after having interviewed one on a train trip ; might say. 

"Well this isnt such a profitable crop" 


"Why are you wasting time growing that particular oddity ?"...

Well; as I've opined many times before; personally I believe that in a business such as this 'variety' is, in itself a valuable crop.

Giving the ability to surprise people occasionally -

 "What on earth is this; what do I do with it?"

But now of course; thanks to the wonders of Internetland; there are a diminishing number of veg that baffle.

All the same; variety keeps things interesting; albeit challenging, on occasion for the grower.

These celeriac (grown by Cornelia... Lovely name; and person)  are twice the size of the ones to be found growing on the much Sandler drier soil here.

Celeriac; as it's flavour and name would imply; is related to celery. And that vegetables' native cousin prefers a damp 'mucky' almost marshy soil to thrive..

However the intense flavour of a 'little one' more than makes up for any lack of size..

But at the same time; I can't claim, to be unenvious of this luxuriant stand of toothsome nuggets; steadily gathering goodness; for wintertime delectation..

And I call "Liar" to any herbicide avoiding grower; who claims no tiny reassurance gained from viewing others 'weedy' areas...

Pot marigolds growing in the foreground to attract beneficial insects... I rarely get round to deliberately implementing this kind of companion planting myself...

One day I might do it again... If I ever manage to eliminate the 'simple flowered' residents such as mayweed; that pretty much perform the same job here; and most likely have years worth of seeds in 'the bank' already......

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