Sunday, 3 April 2016

Steady Girls.....

Oh my!

A wood fired; steam driven engine; for motivating the saw mill.
A girl could come all over quite funny.

Housed in a barn (part wiggly tin roof) crafted from the planked Douglas Fir logs brought down by the hosses from the woods above.....

And plenty more timber for other projects besides; and thinnings for boiling the kettle for making the tea.

What more could one possibly want?

Look at the fly wheel on that !

Could be a contender for the WiTiAS annual photographic competition.

(Wiggly Tin Appreciation Society)

First meeting of UK DAPNET in Dorset. So nice to sit on dry grass, in the sunshine, and watch other folks and beasties working. Glorious Spring weather, a carpet of celandines.

Here discs being used  for ridging up, crops will be seeded into the top of the ridge.

Wiggly planks, storage shed made from the trees right here.

Taken down to the saw mill like this....

But I didn't come back with a big bottomed, feathery footed hoss'..... How's that for self control?

Lovely way of working, and people. Such larks playing in the woods and fields; under the guise of serious work.

But the Ford doesn't need daily feeds, nor, so long as the brakes are in order, does it risk, running off with it's load.

You know you've had a good weekend when you come home smelling of woodsmoke.....Really loud woodpeckers just outside the tent; first thing in the morning...But I didn't have to get up to attend to them, and someone else had got the communal porridge pot going...Camping Luxe; 'Hairy Farmer Style'.

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