Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Not a Moment Too Soon....

Although you could fairly argue; what with this still being a Wednesday; that the custard creator has delivered well before time. 
Complaints? I have none...

But Spring here; has made a frustratingly stuttering start.
 Now at last; after several false beginnings; the season seems to have turned a corner....

Oh I know..... Calling in the fates; and more than likely the furies; of tempest and chill.

But for now; lets stay in the moment; and the sunshine; for as long as we can..

"It'll probably rain" before long; may well be a meteorologically accurate Eyeorism. But such wet blanketry, doesn't, offer up so many reasons to be cheerful.

In the absence of pretty produce within which to nestle; we chose primrose and celandine to garland this early custard... The centre of the dish had just the right degree of 'inner thigh wobble' (mostly now alimentarily transferred, to that anatomical region ;) theres just a few square inches left; if you get here speedily enough with a spoon.

 Luscious treasures lie beneath this map of blueberries and nutmeg.
I may persuade the crafter to yeild her secrets one day.
 But for now we can only gape in admiration, anticipation; and appreciation....

The hogsback of Mutters Moor just visible in the background...The briney lies beyond.

Hawthorn finally in leaf on the hill top. Mid April is a tad late for this tree to come into leaf.
 The noticeable lean; on the still protected trunk; indicates the strength of the south westerlies; that this young thorn has to contend with.

This plot is just close enough to the sea to benefit from the warming effects of that body of water. But is, at the same time, protected from the worst of the maritime winds by a lowish range of hills.

Despite their being very good listeners; I'm not commonly in the habit of conversing directly with trees.
However there is still something reassuringly rooted; or dependably 'plugged in' to the earth; about them. They are not going anywhere.

Quiet weather was welcome yesterday as the first pass was made with the dramatic looking; but achingly slow paced flame weeder. The burners use a lot less gas on a still day.

Methodical hand work; undertaken with a well designed tool; is an ancient medititive practice.
 But here raking with a purpose beyond the contemplative. Although it's hard to resist making pretty patterns. These plastic headed rakes are surprisingly robust, and have a nice springy action just right for preparing the leek seedling bed.

Sometimes helpers have to be restrained from scraping off the few stones to be found in the soil here. Small rocks can collect solar heat on a sunny day; and then re-radiate it; at night. And when the weather does turn hot, they can also have a shading, and dew collecting function.

The impression of the tractor tyre is just visible here. These 'wheelings'  becomes the inter-bed pedestrian paths for the season. Access for maintenance and cropping from either side of the 120cm bed.

But really just another well warmed bed for the not over-taxed; resident pest controller

Trailer Trash Kitty indulges; with some indolent rudery...

If reincarnation were a thing; there could be scarce few; more satisfactory creatures to return as; than a Tabby Cat.

"If you feed me well; give me a warm porch and a classy basket to sleep in; allow me to loll about on the warm earth whilst you work (just to remind you who; in this relationship; is not grafting); then I might just deign to stick my tongue out at you; as you pause to admire my stripely picturesque posing"

Looked at from her point of view; there is much to be enjoyed.... A path to more labours for the human; is just another 'time well spent' relaxation opportunity for the puss.

As Anais Nin would have it

"We do not necessarily see the world as it is; we see it as we are..."

In reality; there are too few fingers; upon which to count the blessings.

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