Wednesday, 27 April 2016

"Aint nobody here; but us chickens"

But of course; what with it being a longish weekend; earmarked for Beltane celebrations; there are quite a few folk sprinkled about the 'stead; in tents and other accommodations.

Enjoying the verdant May views; and a good blaze after dark...
Whilst comfort testing the many and various laps proffered; Trailer Trash Kitty almost got her whiskers singed. 

Fresh ground for the ladies; to go a clearing....
 Actual proper 'free range'. This is the sort of image often pictured on the outside of a box; that may contain eggs from larger more commercial flocks. Those birds are technically allowed outside; but the convoluted passageways through which they have to make their way; to acheive egress often results in their never quite gaining their freedom.
But better for sure; than being completely caged with no hope of escape..

 There is talk of horticultural help being proffered by the temporary residents too.. Many hands should make light of the work of uprooting the old brassicas to make way for sowings of the maincrop carrots.

Broad view from the nearby heath; the sea is just visible middle horizon. There is something about this very particular vantage point; perhaps due to the land steeply rising so close to the coast; that can give the impression of the briney being higher than the observer....Interesting perspective.

The oaks are a tad late showing their fresh-gold leaves this spring..A very thin wind is holding a lot of herbage back.

It's still frosty in the mornings, a freshly laid egg makes for an eggcellent hand warmer; post the filling, and carrying, of cold metal water containers. Tea flask that should never run dry; to the rear...

At this time of year the hedgerows are starting to fill with joyous; abundant; luxuriant growth... Untamed; as yet; by the hand of man...

One of the problems of writing about gardening, yoga, the countryside, excursions, and what have you; is that one can feel as if one is almost wading thigh high in metaphor and allegory; nay on occasion; at risk of becoming smothered by it....

To the point where any observation; or parallel drawn; almost becomes painfully trite; or skin crawlingly obvious.

What am I saying that hasn't already been said; with greater lyricism by others?
 Perhaps; and most likely nothing at all.

Given that there really is 'nothing new under the sun' just various rearrangements of energy and 'stuff' constantly changing; totally unfixed. 
Change; or transformation is the only constant.

. But each individual arrived here at this moment and place having had their own unique individual series of experiences; and influences.

 Each of us should have our own voice; and be allowed to use it.
 For some of us however; gathering the courage to use that voice; but at the same time respecting the opinions of others; is where the hard work is.

 Campfires are always good for drawing out stories. Sat round in the semidarkness all gazing at the same fire but from a slightly different perspective... How did we get here. what's your story? That is the thing of intrigue.

From where did your point of view emanate?... That is one of the fascinations of all sorts of people... To me; at least.

And there's no point pretending; that most of our conflicts; both large and small don't come about as a result of strongly held; yet differing points of view.
 And our sometimes; almost overwhelming; desire to convince someone else of the total veracity of our own.

So perhaps some help from Nietzsche; for a friend who is struggling to be allowed to walk her own path....

  No one can build you the bridge; on which you; and only you must cross the river of life.

  There may be countless trails; and bridges; and demigods who would gladly carry you across; but only at the price of pawning and foregoing yourself. 

  There is one path in the world that none can walk but you. Where does it lead?

  Don't ask; walk!

I fear however; that he may not have been able to help; with a new threat stalking the Shires... According to 'The Grower' Magazine we are now to have our slumbers disrupted by fretting over 'Carrot Motley Dwarf Syndrome'........Eeeek! And yet at the same time; chortle.

You couldn't; and I didn't ; make it up...

Like most of these incipient dread diseases about-which-we-are-supposed-to- worry. I'm hoping that healthy roots will result from lots of love; and compost combined with a liberal sprinkling of hope; and 'It'll probably be OK'.

First warming job for the day; flaming the newly sown leeks.... Then a quick spin bikewards over the hills to do a few deliveries. And most likely compusory / compulsive viewing of the bluebells in the beechwoods....It's not too much of a chore to be making your own fun in the country; in Devonshireland; in May...

So wishing warmest Beltane cavortings;  to y'all too....  ;

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