Monday, 18 April 2016

On the train...

Who doesn't love an aqueduct?
A visually stunning feat of engineering, and collaborative effort.
Resulting in a elegant, effective, means of transport.
It sits beautifully in its location on the border btxt England and Wales.
And further childlike transports of delight to be had; from water running where it didn't ought to be; combined with vertigo inducing "It's a long way down!".
Today's train didn't actually cross this most pleasing bridge; another time perhaps.
But most thoroughly 'hoisted by my own petard',  or more accurately tripped by my own poorly tied laces.
After yesterday's lecture on thinking about how we walk; am now nursing quite a 'hurty knee' after sudden and violent contact with perilous pavement on way to the station....
I know....." A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" And all that....
Idris the Welsh Dragon of 'Practice what you preach' was craftily laying in wait.
Once on the train, whilst in conversation with a fellow passenger, I was on the point of rolling up my trouser leg to get a view of the damage.
Turned out one of his hobbies was freemasonry; so I desisted from any adjustments to my attire lest he suspect I was making fun.
His occupation was something akin to 'Systems Analyst'....Which actually sounds quite interesting from a 'working out what, and why, people do what they do. And how to make a business run more smoothly...
So now I'm going to have to find a new, extra inscrutable occupation, for those moments when I don't want to be pre defined by job titles....
Tonight's classes might be bit long on tell; and short on show....Ooops

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