Sunday, 6 December 2015


Surfing in December?

In the tail end of a storm called Desmond?
Some folks maybe didn't ought to be let out by themselves.
Who names these storms? Desmond sounds more 'benevolent uncle' than malevolent tempest.
We've got off lightly down south this time. 

But over the last few Winters our sandstone cliffs have taken a fair old pummelling, from elements undubbed. Our Island is shrinking year on year.
Those land loss statistics might make alarming reading; let's not waste any more good land; building stuff we don't need?

Meanwhile in other stat's news... I was pleased to get all the way up our local cyclists challenge, 'Peak Hill' ascending from Sidmouth, without stopping.
No weight in the panniers makes a massive difference..
Who would have thought?
Oh, and the stats..? 1.64 km, 157m ascent....Time?...Yeah right; I do stuff like that...

View from top?....Spectacular, if blowy.

And paperwork progress?
Hmmn, does walking round self importantly; with a clipboard feverishly scribbling notes; count?

Good.....It's going just fine!

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