Friday, 11 December 2015

And Lo' the great 'Sprout Fest' begins....

"Don't get me involved in your vegetable dioramas"

Quote from second born son whilst he helps fettle and bag produce for the seasonal markets; I get diverted  by just how very distractingly pink chard stalks can be; and request that he pass me a slightly smaller bud, for my pictorial tomfoolery.

Apparently the abundant sprout crop isn't entirely down to my consummate skill as a grower. This August's weather is more likely the main cause. So sorry kids; there are going to be plenty everywhere...Mmm.

A two day yoga sojourn in Bristol coming up for me.
Might not be some people' equivalent of a 'lie down in a darkened room', for the mentally stretched.....

But I would disagree. Being a student, is tantamount to a luxury break for anyone in the bad habit taking on too much....Someone else being in charge; no expectations; lovely.

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