Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Fresh air; and rainbows....

That's what the ladies live on...
Up til now
Then today I heard a pleasing thing... 

It was several years back, I remember a radio programme about a chap proposing to farm maggots; on slaughter house waste; to create chicken, fish, and pig food.
 All those creatures need a high protein diet which these days usually comes from soya....Not the most sustainable source; even if it's GM free, and organically grown.
But nothing seemed to come of it....I assumed it had fallen foul (fowl?) of 'cultural resistance' Otherwise known as 'the yuk factor'.
Anyway- up; apparently there is currently a woman trialling farm scale production in this country; the flies are feeding on manure (any less yuk?) and the maggots when they're 'ready' conveniently crawl off their food source and congregate waiting to be gathered. 
 Which are then doubtless gently anaesthetised by soporific songs, composed specifically for the purpose. 
Makes perfect sense; turning a liability into an asset. And the manure will have been beautifully processed; into a usable soil amendment...
Will it take off? Remains to be seen. Perhaps just too neat a solution ? 

Could the thought of hens eating maggots be too much for squeamish folk to stomach?
 And if so; do I need to tell the ladies to lay off all those yummy woodlice they are presently dining off in the woodchip pile?

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