Monday, 7 December 2015

Fresh Pastures.

Fret not; small farming has not been totally abandoned in favour of other outdoor pursuits.

Here Girl Monday #1 makes herself very popular with the girls; newly liberated onto fresh ground, and always glad of some corn to scratch for.

It has to be healthier for the birds to get new forage; and be displaced from their own detritus every few weeks.

It took us less than an hour to move the hens and their house this morning; including taking down then re erecting their netting fences.

Leaving more time for the never ending; self perpetuating job of salad weeding. Natures way of keeping us out of mischief...

Despite having plenty of her own self generated fun to hand; GM has been helping me for the majority of monday mornings for the last twelve years. Not least; by engaging in the kind of conversation that makes three hours fly by.

Soon I will show you what she does with some of her time when she's not busy with horticultural hi jinks here.

Suspense aplenty....

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