Monday, 27 July 2015

Timorous wee beasties

Cinnabar moth caterpillars enthusiastically feeding on groundsel plant. If only all the creatures of Hoppins Field were so helpful.

But badger fencing is good and 'hot'. So sweetcorn is swelling unmolested thus far :-D

Had a veg buying visit from Canadian Terri , whose business card has him down as a 'wine consultant' enviable job!

He was reminiscing about the local farmers back home, loading up their trucks with freshly picked cobs and selling them on the roadside.

Terri seems rather keen to be that guy on the stall, so if there is any surplus, he'll be out on the Sidmouth Road, peddling the freshest corn in the Valley. 

And doubtless available for advice on any bottles you might have about your person.....

A productive morning here with the 'Monday Maidens', Weeding, planting, gossiping..... (classified)

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