Thursday, 23 July 2015

"Stone the Crows"

Sometimes it's hard not to feel like doing just that..

After planting out six 'n a half thousand baby leeks, the local corvids find it the height of hilarity to pull them out again - what larks - for them!

It's enough to make one question the sanity of this 'wildlife friendly farming'
 Feels more like 'doing battle with'

All (farm) hands on deck - boys making holes with the hi-tec 'tridents' for the leeklets, Girls behind putting 'em in. But don't worry; we do all swap jobs in the name of equality; and to save our backs.

Sweetcorn in the background only two weeks from being ready..mmmmm

Now to erect the 'anti badger marauding' electric fence, they love a bit of corn on (and off) the cob -
See? Constant Battling

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