Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Have to start somewhere


All the Winter leeks planted now, transferred from their nursery seedbed. out to their 'grown up', growing on beds. All hands were on deck; extra help called in; the last 'monster' job of the Summer; done.

Now just got to keep on top of the hoeing... watering...feeding...then harvest...fettle..send them out.
and that's just one crop of many...

Been meaning to start on this for quite a while, but waiting til everything is done would

mean waiting for ever.

 To paraphrase wise and encouraging friend Kate "The only way to start, is to get started"

Now how to get photos from phone to here
Here's a lovely action shot of two chaps with tridents...Looks like they're practising their country dancing....

Whats for dinner?

Who will read this stuff?
  Kind friends hopes.

It's as much, if not more, about the writing, as it is about being read

A bit like 'Big Girls Show and Tell'

Starting with "Classy Trailer Trash Kitty on a Bin"

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