Sunday, 26 July 2015

Heathweek 2015 A damp view from a small (army) tent

A bit on the soggy side, but still the most fun you can experience legally in a remote carpark on Woodbury Common.
A Celebration of the Pebblebed Heaths. its creatures, history and landscape
You really couldn't hope to meet a finer bunch of enthusiastic wildlife loving oddballs...
Also on offer, tea, cake. and lamb burgers. I sold a fair amount of veg - covered my cake costs at least!
One previous very hot and dusty year at this event I couldn't understand why there was such a big demand for cucumbers, aside from their undoubted tastiness.
 It turned out that the organisers had forgotten to provide a tea tent, or indeed any water source at all...ooops! 

So Fresh and Green cucumbers were the only source of moisture for some distance around - thanks guys - great for sales.
Nowadays however it's a very sophisticated happening, with all kinds of refreshments. Plus opportunities to be educated, entertained and inspired on matters of the dry heath....the only thing lacking, perhaps. is a beer tent? 


  1. That looks like a glorious day on the common. Nothing like some machinery and some mud to keep you entertained.

  2. Well you know how it is, internal combustion, broad horizons, moist underfoot...


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