Saturday, 22 October 2016


That just as some people might suggest that the label 'feminist'  should no longer be required...
i. e. That believing all genders, should have equal rights and responsibilities,  might just be a normal way of thinking. 

And that believing the obverse,  should attract an 'oddball explanatory label'

In the same way,  I'm getting fed up with the 'Environ mentalist'  label...

Which implies that attempting to live as if it really matters that we quite obviously inhabit a resource finite,  ecologically fragile, and infinitely precious planet... 
Is a rather niche, or 'crackpot' position to have..

When in reality,  to suggest otherwise. Or to operate as if this inalienable fact were not  true ; is to my way of thinking, really quite the difficult position to grasp..

Especially when so many of us would claim to appreciate the beauty,  diversity,  and landscape, of this globe,   and life that it supports. 

But; it it is of course, a desperately inconvenient truth.

That requires that we might actually have to consider our behaviours and even face up to the consequences of our own 'freely made'  decisions,  and actions. 

Particularly when it seems nearly always,  to cost more,  and be more complicated,  to 'do the right thing'... However we might judge that  ' right thing' to be.. . 

Even more so especially when it might mean that we might even have to forgo,  that next ''instant gratification'. 

I want it now, I have the money to pay, I am therefore entitled. 

Oh OK, go ahead, why not,  everyone else is. 

  So, never mind,  look the other way,  distract, dissemble, even put up some straw men.

And whilst about it, we can have a jolly good time lampooning the woolly hatted,  woolly thinking, tree hugging,  yoghurt weaving fruit loops.  

Who might, however ineptly, inconsistently, and hilariously,  be trying to make some tiny difference...

And who will persist in grinding on about all those tedious ecological realities, that might require us to stop and consider where we're headed. 

The broad path, is after all,  the far easier route to walk, for sure. 

And you can be assured of plenty of company.

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