Friday, 21 October 2016

Back to the land....

The end of a classic autumnal day on this small farm.  All the squash are safely gathered in, tucked up in their winter quarters in the barn.
Hidden from the frosts, that would otherwise turn them quickly to a mush...
Many golden nuggets, of stored sunshine to keep lots of folk,  well fed with their Sweetness.
Then an amble up the hill to stretch the legs in a more linear fashion.
No shortage of bending and lifting in the days labour. Man Friday resuming 'normal service'
Now Devon starts to don her multicoloured finery,  the weather we've had up to now,  would presage some classic colours, in the weeks forthcoming.
Received a thorough telling off, up here on top, from a cross squirrel who wasn't expecting company...
She executed some fine acrobatics within the white stemmed copse of birches, whilst chirruping away like an angry jay.
Followed by a retreat, with almost a harrumph to the higher sanctuary of the mature oak.
Could almost imagine her chucking acorns at me if I entered any closer...
Quite right too,  my girl, stand your ground,  establish your boundaries.
The landscape,  of hedgerows and heath,  is in vivid 3d, as the uniformity of summer green gives way to the supersaturated hues of autumn.
It's not too beautiful, but it's certainly glorious enough.
Will have to address the tedious tech issues that are preventing me posting pictures this way... Because there is,  as ever,  much to share,  with those who care.

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